Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Long Island Excitement- Police get the bad girls...

An old post I forgot to publish...

Looks like police on Long Island have nothing better to do than chase down women who erotically entertain gentlemen there in hotels. Police have been using Craig's List to perform sting operations during which they arrest these women (and perhaps some of the men).

Must mean that there are few robberies, rapes, murders, carjackings, etc. happening there. They seem to have ample resources and manpower to allot enough to perform these stings. Because, I suppose, them hookers are dangerous.

Oh for heaven's sake! When will this insanity stop?? Don't the citizens of Long Island think there are better things to be using public resources for than chasing down a few ladies and the gentlemen who see them? Harassing adults engaging in consensual activities that none of the citizens of Long Island (except those who participate) would even be aware of if it weren't made a prority for the police.

They are hardly bothering anyone. On the contrary- they are probably all better off for having been doing what they are doing. The men are satisfied and happy, and go on to the rest of their day with a smile for everyone. The ladies can feed their children, pay their tuition or rent, and buy groceries.

We aren't exactly living in the days of the Spanish Inquisition. Or are we?

Born Into Brothels Update

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who briefly volunteered for Kids with Cameras, and she had the pleasure of having lunch with one of the children (who is now a teen) in NYC. She told me that even though all of the kids featured in the film have benefitted from it, the organization is pretty disingenuous.

First of all, the filmmakers apparently never told the children or their families that Ms. Briski was making a documentary. She told them that she was simply filming "home movies" for personal use. Then, only after winning at the Sundance film festival did they bother to get releases signed by the people who appeared in the film, and they never explained to them what they were signing (so they were still clueless about the documentary).

The school they had built for the children was apparently turned over to a Catholic charity to run, and the teen told my friend that none of the children would want to attend such a school.

And lastly, the mother of one of the children in the film was said- in the film- to have been beaten and killed by her pimp. Well, the young teen told my friend that the boy's mother wasn't even a prostitute, much less had a pimp. She and her husband ran a liquor store, and she committed suicide. None of the children could figure out why she lied about that.

It really is disgusting. People should be held accountable for such muck- not made into heroes for it.