Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Emotions and Lies

You know, emotions are addictive, and the emotions of a romantic attachment are the most addictive. If we have been drinking from that cup, and suddenly someone points out that the cup is empty, we will fight tooth-and-nail to maintain our illusion that the cup is full. We want more of the drug, no matter what it takes.

And some of us go to such great lengths to fool ourselves into believing a reality we want so badly to exist that when the cup is actually filled with dirty water, we will continue to drink to our own peril. Like women who remain in abusive relationships. Because to admit that the cup is empty or filled with dirty water is very assaulting to our egos, which are most of the time built on the very lies we've been telling ourselves. So much of our imagined identities are knitted into this story we've told ourselves that it takes a very humble and strong individual to see the truth.

Then this self-delusion leaks into the rest of our lives; the more we make ourselves believe lies that make it easier to face ourselves, the easier it is to lie to us. And then an entire nation is dumbed-down and very easy to lie to. Like ours.


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