Thursday, March 15, 2007

Slander on O'Reilly

Like that's!

Anyways, O'Reilly has recently slandered the performers in the Sex Workers Art Show tour. A performer who is also a blogger on the Huffington Post blogs about the latest O'Reilly outrage. See O'Reilly video here. See blogger's story here.

I know I am not the only person whose blood pressure rises when I see O'Reilly...sometimes I wonder if he's taking the piss out of all of us, and is really a hippie in real life. Lol!


Anonymous Jade said...

Have you ever noticed that when O'Reilly talks about himself , he literally gets that glazed over, post orgasm look on his face? His eyes sparkle, his face looks flushed..a narcisist of the worst order.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Me said...

Ah yes, so true! Makes my skin crawl, quite frankly.

3:33 AM  

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