Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Very First Blog Post

Hmmm...what to say....

I feel like someone has just handed me the microphone and put me on the spot.

I never intended to have a blog, as there are so many wonderful ones already out there. However, there is something very liberating about being given a space in which to express myself in any way I choose.

I have no idea how regularly I will be posting here, but meanwhile I will attempt to make it interesting for anyone who happens to stumble across my little blog here.

My challenge will be maintaining my avoiding posting too many personal details. The temptation is to use this space as a platform to promulgate my ideas about sexual liberation and sex workers' rights, as well as some experiences I have along the way. In my real life, I am also a sex workers' rights activist, so often my two worlds collide.

We shall see what happens...

Meanwhile, go forth and be love.


Blogger Kama of Kingston said...

Dear Holly,

I hope your blog proves a useful tool in helping you make sense of your sex working life.

I noticed that you are a sex work activist, I am interested to know which organisations you have contact with? I am still undecided about the value of some of these organisations.

In India the organisations that include sex workers in their management are very good and their are many local issues that need attention. However in the West I sometimes think organisations lack solidarity with migrant sex workers.



1:55 AM  
Blogger Holly said...

Hello Kama!

So nice to see you here. I started this blog when I posted a comment on yours, so I suppose I have you to thank!

This blog is merely an experiment for me for now. I haven't publicised it at all, and wish to keep a low profile, at least until I find my literary feet, so-to-speak. Who knows where it will lead?

I so very much admire the organizations in India! They have been an inspiration to me in my activism. I think DMSC should hold classes for sex workers wishing to accomplish similar things. I would love to see a DMSC in N. America, S. America, Africa, Asia Europe,...

I know what you mean about the Western orgs- and I honestly don't know whay that is. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that migrant workers are viewed as competition. While I was working in Tokyo, I know a lot of the Eastern European women were seen as competition by the Western women, and I am sure we were all viewed as competition by the local Japanese women. And this view of each other as "competition" could foster a sense of enmity, and may have a lot to do with why there is not more solidarity.

It is a shame, really, because we can be so supportive of each other. Community in this industry is essential, I think, for women to be able to overcome so many of the self-worth issues associated with it.

As far as organizations, I am affiliated with a few. One is where I found you, and it seems to be a pretty decent group of women.

Which were you referring to in your blog that you felt wasn't very supportive?


7:30 PM  
Anonymous Aspasia said...

Greetings Holly!

I'm excited to see you have a blog. I've seen your other site before and was totally impressed by your class and formidable intellect. From what I can tell, we have similar philosophies. I can't wait to read your next posting.



11:16 PM  
Blogger Thaϊs said...

Glad to see you here!
Your posts on ASPD are so insightful that all this time I was regretting you don't write more - in a form of articles or something, that could be assembled in one spot.
You say you want to keep this low profile... I shouldn't link you then, should I?..
Also, I reccomend you turn on the word verification to get rid of those annoying spammers.

12:54 AM  
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